Welcome to the Sudbury Cooperative Preschool!

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The Sudbury Co-op is a unique, family-centered learning environment with a community of trusted adults working together for the education of each child. Founded in 1949 by a group of parents who wanted to participate in their children’s early childhood education, today the school is a parent-run, teacher-staffed cooperative that offers classes for children ages two (2.0) years through five years old.


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For Our Students:

The benefit of experienced, committed educators Our director and teachers have an average of 16 years of tenure at the Sudbury Co-op. Many of our teachers have sent their own children to the school.

A gentle introduction to preschool Our teachers make home visits prior to the start of school, to meet each child in the most comfortable setting possible. Shortened classes in September lengthen progressively over the first few weeks of school. Parents are welcome to stay in the classroom as long as needed, to ease separation anxiety.

A customized approach Small classes (a maximum of 8-10 students in each class) allow teachers to tailor lessons to each child’s interests, and to maximize individual attention. Teachers get to know each child both as an individual and as part of his or her family. This allows them greater insights and sensitivity, and it helps them provide developmentally appropriate instruction for all.

A foundation for social success Sudbury Co-op students build emotional competence through interactions with a wide variety of parents and teachers. The benefit of interactions with adults provides a strong foundation for learning throughout the school years.

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For Our Parents:

Comfort You personally know all the teachers and parents who interact with your child.

Community You join a group of parents who share your educational values and commitment to young children.

Personal growth When you help in your child’s classroom, you’ll learn valuable tricks of the trade from the teacher. You’ll share your own parenting techniques and ideas with other Co-op parents, and you’ll learn from them as well.